Saturday, January 04, 2020

Kurve: Connecting Slim Staging and Untergroeningen (4)

This winter break I made major progress towards getting the Welztalbahn Extension operational. Two weeks ago I drew an outline where staging would go into a photo. Tonight I ran the inaugural train from Emsingen to Slim Staging under its own power. It's nice when an idea turns into reality.

At the beginning of the Christmas break I set myself a fairly aggressive list of tasks to get to this stage. I completed more than two-thirds of that list. To make this fully operational, a few tasks remain: One track piece on Kurve doesn't have power, and I need to drill alignment holes on the Untergroeningen side. Slim Staging needs a control panel for the staging yard. Side tracks in Untergroeningen need to be finished. Finally, I need to build a new schedule and adjust paper work.

I'm looking forward to running trains on this enlarged layout.

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