Saturday, April 25, 2020

Untergroeningen: More Testing

After the very successful remote ops session with SVL club members yesterday, I ran a couple more trains in Untergroeningen to exercise tracks and turnouts. I also set up the lighting system for a stress test and had everything on all day long.

Tatjana switched one session by herself and apparently had fun, too.

I used mostly the new Brawa BR212 in the Digital Extra version (#42863). This engine is a superb runner and the sounds are top-notch. The motor sounds just right, and the brake squeal is perfect. The locomotive comes with some fun features like motorized cooling fan that spins when the fan sounds come on, as well as remotely controlled couplers. The sound volume is too loud out of the box, but overall I'm very impressed with this engine.

I turned off the lights in the living room tonight, which dramatically enhances the shadow box effect of the layout. I can't wait to add trees and bushes in the background to get more texture.

The stress test did yield one victim: The 15 year old model trains power pack jury-rigged to run the lights. A slight pop, a whimper, and the lights were off. I have replaced the power pack with an adjustable DC:DC step-down module and connected the lights to the wall wart that is already powering the Tortoise turnout motors on the module. I had this on my todo list before, but now it's done, and I can check it off the list.

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