Saturday, April 18, 2020

Untergroeningen: Platform

I cut the styrofoam to match the platform shape visible in photos from 1973 in Hermann Buernheim's book "Wuerttembergische Eisenbahngesellschaft: Die Geschichte einer bedeutenden Privatbahn". Using a very sharp knife helps to keep the mess under control.

The pavement evenly rises from the paved-in track 1 to the side of track 2. However, contrary to later times, there is no platform edge, but rather the crest of the hump meets the steps of the WEG cars. The pavement slopes down to the rails of track 2. I would not be surprised if WEG crews actually shaped ballast under the asphalt to build up the platform.

Once I was reasonably satisfied with the shape, I glued the styrofoam to the module with water-resistant wood glue.

Next I coated the styrofoam with Scuptamold and filled the gaps between the styrofoam and the rails. I also started to build up the ground on the street side of track 1 where the station building is going to be, so that the ground is almost level with the railheads.

Once the Scuptamold is dry, I'll sand it, so that there is a more even rise towards track 2. On track 1 I filled the gaps between the ties and the pukos with fine sand.

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