Saturday, April 11, 2020

Module Storage

I have been building a few modules over the last year to support the extension of the Welztalbahn into the garage. Module storage takes up space, too, not a surprise. I kept most of them under the Welztalbahn in the layout room (except Kurve, which is just too big). However, this resulted in no work getting done on the Welztalbahn, since access to most areas under the layout has become very difficult, due to modules and other boxes taking up space.

It was time to do something about that. There is 19 inches of headroom between the top of the garage door mechanism and the ceiling. I built Kurve and Slim Staging, so that their total height doesn't exceed 14 inches in order to fit into this space.

I made a bracket from boards left over from other projects (like this or this) and a ripped 2x6 from the construction stash. I fitted the bracket to the ceiling and screwed it to the floor joists of the upstairs bedrooms with 5 inch construction lag bolts.

I ripped a 3/4in board to make slats for the modules to rest on. When loading the modules, I noticed that the slats sag a little bit. Seems manageable, but if it gets worse, I will build either a third bracket, or frame stronger support.

Here is a photo taken from the outside with the garage door open. Everything fits, and there's still some room left for additional storage.

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