Saturday, May 16, 2020

Untergroeningen: Locomotive Shed (3)

[ part 2 ]

I continued working on the locomotive shed for Untergroeningen. The next element I need to build is the water tower. I copied various Auhagen wall elements and worked out how to cut them so that the water tower doesn't appear too high, or too slim in relation to photos I had printed out.

The defining features of the water tower are the decorative brickwork at the upper story, the wood boarding, and the distinctive roof. While I'm likely not going to be able to match the details, I'm trying to get close. I started with the brickwork by cutting an opening in one of the wall segments. After I was done, it was clear that the shape is not right (see on the left), and I need to go wider (see on the right)

The brickwork includes a single window. I contemplated for a while to just use a standard piece from the Auhagen system and make my life dramatically easier. However, I'm already going through all this trouble, so might as well try and stay as close to the prototype as I can manage. I cut the brick for the windows from another element.

There. That works.

Next I adjusted the styrene filler to fit around the window and completed one wall section.

Combined with the corner pieces, the water tower gets pretty close in appearance to the original. The wooden boards below the roof line are next. 

[ part 4 ]

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