Sunday, May 17, 2020

Untergroeningen: Locomotive Shed (4)

[ part 3 ]

It was time for more work on the water tower. I built a substructure to glue the wood board sheets to. This is made from real wood. I hope to be able to replicate the greying effect of weathered wood more easily this way. However, that also means the piece needs to be removable, since it will get in the way when painting the rest of the water tower.

Getting the parts right and waiting for the glue to dry takes some time, so I watched today's OpSIG Second Section presentations on Zoom, while I was working. With COVID-19 still keeping many people at home, more and more online events are showing up lately. ETE Bay Area has weekly get togethers, ETE National has a weekly presentation schedule. Silicon Valley Lines has weekly online meetings. The NMRA ran their second NMRAx event yesterday. The OpSIG has weekly presentations. It's getting busy.

With the boarding in place, I moved on to build the water tower roof. I first made a roof from thin card stock to confirm look and feel. Since the OpSIG event was over by now, I switched over to Youtube and played a cab view video of an Austrian train going from Bruck a. d. Mur to Villach. 

Making roof pieces of the right size and shape for me is always a little bit hit or miss. And when I don't remember that these roof tile sheets are fairly brittle and break easily, I have even more mistakes to fix.

Nevertheless, I produced a fairly shoddy looking roof, which happens to work in my favor in this case. The 4 panels are not exactly the same size and I filed the edges before test fitting (not to self: do it the other way 'round). The roof will need more work, if it can be salvaged at all, but this is good enough for today. I should have made the roof sections a few millimeters higher to match the prototype more closely. Oh well, if I can get the edges straightened out, I'm not going to redo it just for that.

[ part 5 ]

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