Sunday, June 21, 2020

Untergroeningen: Platform (3)

[ part 2 ]

Taking a break from rebuilding the tracks on Segment Three I decided tonight to paint the platform on Segment Two. I'm using Woodland Scenics Asphalt Top Coat, which is easy to use and has a very pleasing asphalt color. I find it fascinating how a little bit color can change the scene.

A source of frustration in this area was Track One. At the station building the track is embedded in asphalt. Building track embedded in pavement is always a challenge on Maerklin layouts because the center studs get in the way. I've tried various approaches for this in the past (e.g. the railroad crossing in Emsingen). Here I filled the gaps between the ties with very fine sand, leveled it to the top of the ties, and glued it down like ballast. The Puko-Strip from WeichenWalter sticks up slightly above the ties. I was concerned that the difference in texture would be jarring, and that I couldn't get the top of the center studs properly cleaned after painting. However, cleanup was easy and here's Koef III creeping slowly over the track embedded in asphalt. The texture difference is not as bad as I feared and the center studs are barely visible.

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