Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Untergroeningen: Trackwork (3)

[ part 2 ]

When I planned segment three, I flipped the direction of the crossover compared to the prototype because I figured it would be helpful to have a passing siding on the way to Slim Staging. Let's just say that wasn't such a great idea. It makes switching the ramp cumbersome. Remember, the prototype is (almost) always right. Change the track arrangement only if you really thought it through. Over the last couple weeks, I slowly reworked the crossover, reusing one of the turnouts.

  Here's the segment on the workbench. I'm remounting the Tortoise turnout motors.

Aligning the track on the segment so that I get maximum length and width of the ramp, while not diverging too much from the existing arrangement took a little bit experimentation. Now I just need to fit the curve to the Welztalbahn connector.

For curves I prefer to install the puko-strips the old fashioned way using brass screws in the roadbed on the centerline and soldering the puko-strip to them.

The surrounding tracks rest on a thin strip of cork. I glue the strips to the roadbed to get the same track elevation.

After some fiddling with the track piece, a few swear words, and some patient convincing the curve is properly aligned on the puko-strip, and spiked down.

[ part 4 ]

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