Friday, September 04, 2020

RSD5: Decaling for SVL

On the locations where the new decals would go I applied MicroGloss and let it dry. Then carefully and slowly, one after the other, for each decal I applied MicroSet while the decal wets in some water, apply the decal, wick the water from under the decal, let it dry a little bit, and carefully apply drops of MicroSol so that the decal softens and adheres to the contours of the locomotive body for a painted-on look. The MicroSol is particularly important for the large logo on the doors of the long hood. It usually takes multiple MicroSol applications for the decal to soften enough.

I'm working on both locomotives at the same time, so that I can continue with one locomotive, while the other one dries.

Once the decals were done, I taped the windows to prep for Dullcoat and weathering.

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