Monday, July 24, 2006

ACPI wakeup and grumpy

Going to sleep and waking up works great from MythTV. With a few gotchas:

  • if the frontend is running, the backend doesn't shut down the system.
  • echoing into /proc/acpi/alarm reliably starts the system... at midnight. The BIOS seems to completely ignore the time I set.

Once the frontend is not running, it's not trivial to bring it up again (particularly for my family). I'm running a window manager, in order to be able to use MythVideo properly. Otherwise, this would be simple (mythfrontend exits, gpm comes up again). I need a little app that just loops forever, accepts a key stroke to bring up the frontend, and when it exists, loops back.
Maybe even include some automated shut-down counter off the mythtv logs somehow. Hmmm, there's a little project to start playing with Ruby... or learn about window programming in Python.

The latter is more nasty. I guess, I have to check out nvram, or play with some wake-on-lan solution, but that would require that the wireless network connection worked properly.

But first, it's time to haul the trash from our recent kitchen remodel to the landfill.

Update (a few days later):
I suck. Had a typo in the script filename given to MythTV. sudo executed with no error, even though it couldn't find the script, so the shutdown proceeded without setting a new wakeup time. I'm still puzzled why grumpy wakes up at midnight.

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