Thursday, July 27, 2006

grumpy gets a bigger hard drive

I started grumpy with a 120G drive I had laying around, figuring this will last for a while. As I quickly discovered, not so. Particularly, when I wanted to keep a few movies around. Also, the ShiftTV pieces started to eat up space quickly.

So, I finally got a whopping 300GB disk at Fry's. Special offer, 80 bucks. Not too bad. Here's how I transfered the system to the new disk:

  • partition the new disk like the old one, just bigger /opt (where I keep the movies)

  • initialize the file systems (mke2fs -j /dev/hdc1, mkfs.jfs /dev/hdc6, mkswap /dev/hdc5) and mount them under /mnt/

  • Use cpio to transfer the files from the root file system: find / -xdev -print0 | cpio -pa0V /mnt/hdc1

  • Use a plain cp to copy the video files (which cpio doesn't like due to huge file sizes): cp -av /opt/* /mnt/hdc6/

  • Install grub: grub-install --root-directory:/mnt/hdc1 /dev/hdc

ok, the latter didn't work ("/dev/hdc does not have any corresponding BIOS drive"). wtf? after searching quite a bit I ended up editing /mnt/hdc1/boot/grub/ adding

(hd1) /dev/hdc

finally, that worked. and I can boot from that drive when it is hda.

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