Monday, July 24, 2006

video editing on Linux

I had quite some success with Cinelerra when editing my videos. So far, I always captured into MJPEG using the excellent MJPEGtools package using mencoder, video4linux and my old capture card. Now that I have this neat hardware MPEG2 encoder in my MythTV box, the whole process should become substantially less painful (at least there shouldn't be that many options to remember ... not that I remembered them, that's what scripting is for... but I disgress).

Cinelerra kinda forked into a community release. There is much more (better?) documentation linked off that site as well as the main page. Even unofficial Ubuntu packages exist now. Don't really feel like trying to compile this from svn myself. (Hmmm, maybe I should. Just for fun. No, wait... :-)

Babybaer (the most powerful computer in the house) is still on Ubuntu Hoary (and the Cinelerra packages are for Breezy and Dapper only. Time for a reinstall with Dapper. It's a good idea anyways.

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