Tuesday, July 18, 2006

huh? usb 4-4: USB disconnect?

Now, what is this nonsense?
The WG111T apparently disconnected from the USB bus and played dead. No reaction when trying to tickle it with unplug - re-plugin. Whoops, trying to rmmod ndiswrapper results in hung shell. Oh, and the logs have DHCPDISCOVER entries since 6am, so the software works, but there seems to be no reaction on the hardware interface.

The USB stick is near the exhaust of the fan cooling my PVR500 card. Maybe getting too hot? I put it on a cable and place it on top of the TV cabinet. No dice. The device still disconnects after a while. Strange. Maybe heat related? The device gets more than handwarm when turned on for a while.

Some people report this is an interaction with the ehci_usb USB2.0 driver and using uhci-usb works more reliably. yeah, well, and much, much slower. Grrrrrm.

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