Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cabinet frames built

Today I built all 5 remaining cabinet frames that go on the rear wall of the kitchen. We're going to move them in place to make sure the whole row is going to fit in the space available. I will also use this opportunity to cut openings in the rear for power connections at the right places. Then it's crunch time again to set up each cabinet frame on its legs and the rear wall board.

I just realized that I can install the drywall anchors through the hole in the cabinet, so we need to put them into place only once.

Lessons learned:
  • READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ... CAREFULLY, AND IN DETAIL. Then think about what you read and modify where it makes sense.
  • If something doesn't seem to make sense, think about it some more, and read the instructions again. It's likely you didn't understand it in the first place.
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