Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The cabinets are on the patio

The backrow of kitchen cabinets is now on the patio. In pieces. Today I disconnected the microwave and oven, moved them aside and demo'ed the remaining two floor to ceiling cabinets.

When I took down the last cabinet, I finally learned why they didn't use the space all the way to the wall: There's a heating duct from the living room extending about an inch into the kitchen. There goes one inch of the 1.5 inch "wiggle room" I left when planning the layout of the new cabinets.

Lessons learned so far:
  • Demolishing kitchen cabinets youerself is feasible and not really hard.
  • BE CAREFUL with nails! They are all over the place. Hammer them down, so they don't stick out from the wood.
  • Wear ear and eye protection.
  • There will be surprises.
  • it's easy to crack drywall when you get too excited ripping out shelf supports.
  • It sucks if cracked drywall is in an area that will be visible later. I'm adding repairing drywall to my repertoire.
  • Make sure there is enough space for your shiny new cabinets. In the worst case I will have to ... errm ... modify ... the end cabinet to allow space for the heating duct.
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