Sunday, February 13, 2011

All switches installed and motorized in Emsingen

Over the last couple days I installed switch machines and programmed decoders for all switches in Emsingen. I used mostly Tortoise motors I bought quite a while ago, as well as a servo in one somewhat tight spot. The switch leading to the Lokstation is not yet motorized, but it also doesn't actually go anywhere.
The next project is completing the JMRI panel and routes for Emsingen, so that I can actually use all those switches without having to remember individual switch addresses.

While messing with cables I shorted out part of one of my Tam Valley Depot Servo Decoders. Very, very annoying, since I now can no longer fine tune the individual servo positions. I also managed to make a Team Digital SRC16 decoder completely non-responsive to switch commands. Only a hard-reset (hold the Smart button for ~30 seconds) brought it back to life. I love the very slow switch throw of this unit in combination with the Tortoise switch machines.

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