Thursday, February 24, 2011

No tape, no ground cover

The platform for track 2 is in and debris cleaned up. It looks pretty bad right now, but I hope it will be much better once I add the platform edge (made from a Heki cut stone sheet), and build up the sanded top of the platform. I still need to build the platform for the house track. That platform will run roughly from the end of the switch on the left to where the cardboard sign for Emsingen is located. Due to that switch, obviously long passenger trains need to stop at track 2.

Adding ballast to the track as well as ground cover (dirt, sand, and gras) on the areas between tracks will substantially help with how this area will look.

However, my first experiments with ballasting and ground cover in Talheim were actually not that satisfying, both in color, texture and general appearance.  The photo below gives an idea of the look I'm after for the tracks.

I think the best way forward will be to build a small diorama with a short section of track, maybe two track lengths long (i.e. 36cm), and scenic that from beginning to end. One half of the diorama will be station track (ballasted with an assumed drainage pipe, like in the photo above), the other half will be the regular high ballast with water draining to the sides of the track.

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CHRistIan said...

da kannst Du ja nun sagen, was Du willst, das Bild hat was!
War doch eigentlich so garnichst richtig los; und dann der Blick auf dieses Detail : gibt Stimmung!