Wednesday, February 02, 2011

There's a prototype for everything

(image from: The calendar hangs on the wall near my desk at work.)

I have a bunch of steam and diesel passenger equipment. I also have several electric locomotives, and my working theory is that the Welztalbahn is electrified. My explanation for running Diesel equipment was that there's an unmodeled, non-electrified branch line to Prechtal north of Emsingen. Local commuter service to Prechtal is done with a Schienenbus, just like the one in the photo above. Also, since I'm modeling the early-mid 1970's the Welztalbahn has been electrified only recently, so not all scheduled runs have switched to electric locomotives, providing the excuse for running heavy freight steamers like my BR50.

Reading the description on the calendar entry this morning, it says this is taken on the Schwarzwaldbahn in 1989 showing E3642, and Schienenbus VT798 units were used well into to the 1990's on the Schwarzwaldbahn.
If DB can run Diesel passenger units for regional service between Gutach and Offenburg on the electrified Schwarzwaldbahn, I can do the same just fine between Freiburg and Prechtal on my Welztalbahn.

There's a prototype for everything.

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