Thursday, February 03, 2011

Emsingen mainline operational

The main tracks through Emsingen are glued down and operational again. I added all the rail isolations and cuts I need for detection as well. The north-half of the station has all switch machines installed.

As a little side-project I tried to fix the issues I had with BR86, and it ran great with the shell off. I couldn't get it to get stuck in various configurations over 30 minutes, when it stopped within a minute before I took the shell off. In the end I think it was a screw that was just a tad too tight and pressed the locomotive shell on a cog wheel off the motor.

Next up: wire and connect the remaining switch machines in Emsingen, both the freight area, and the south switches. Then build a quick-and-dirty control panel for the switches, since I don't really want to do this from the computer, and I don't want to spend weeks on building a proper panel (like in Talheim) before I can operate trains again. Then I'll move on to connect the detection sections, and after that probably do signals.

The locomotive service area is blocked pending proper seating of the turntable, and arrival of parts and the engine shed. It's not like I'm running out of work...

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