Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kitchen Faucet

A couple months ago multiple people managed to unscrew the whole faucet from the sink, merely by moving the faucet arm back and forth. At first I thought, "what the ...?" , but after a while it became apparent that there's something wrong with the faucet itself.

Today, I took the whole thing apart.

I knew from some initial observation two weeks ago that a rubber gasket inside the faucet was stuck between the grey plastic piece and the outside wall of the faucet. Turns out, there are two of those suckers... and they were ripped to pieces.

There was also quite a bit of gunk built up around the brass pieces. I'm guess from water that got inside the handle and evaporated there leaving behind calcium deposits (Thanks to our hard ground water...)

I cleaned that out all out and replaced the gaskets with new ones from a somewhat generic Delta repair kit. Hopefully, I picked the right ones, at least it all went back together nicely ... with some swearing, until I realized I need to use the skinny gaskets from the kit.

I don't claim I have any idea what I'm doing here. While at it I also cleaned out the pipes and trap underneath the sink.

Let's see how long this will last.

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