Saturday, August 18, 2012


I didn't like the red plastic walls inside the roundhouse. Neither did Pascal. So I went in and painted the inside in PollyScale "aged white", which really means "very light yellow". Since I used a brush (and should have done this at the very beginning of this project with an airbrush), and the "white"  doesn't really cover the plastic that well (and I should probably have primed it before putting the walls together), the question of texture on the walls resolved itself. It'll be brush marks, and I'll do better next time.

Above photo also shows the beginning of interior lighting for the roundhouse. These are Micromark 12V grain of rice miniature lamps mounted in sockets that came with the roundhouse kit. I keep thinking about whether I should add inspection pits. I'd really like that, but going through the trouble with the center pickup is just not worth it. Since this is inside the roundhouse, what I will do instead is to cover the ties with very thin styrene painted in the color of the roundhouse floor. The inspection pits will be represented by an area without this styrene "floor" and I'll paint the ground and ties black. That should get enough of the "there's a hole in the ground" effect I'm looking for, and when the roof is on you can see this only through doors and windows anyways.

Speaking of roof ...

The roof is still missing the smoke vents above the engine stalls
Ef tower with roundhouse in the background
Roundhouse, Ef tower, and the future Emsingen station building

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