Monday, May 12, 2014

Earth and Gras for Steinle

After finishing up the bridge, I finally attacked the top of Steinle, which has been pretty bare for years.

The bare top of Steinle. The weathering on Steinlehofbruecke is now done. I also brushed up the rockwall and added more vegetation.

The plan is to cover the top with a fairly dense stand of trees. I applied real dirt, fine flock, and gras fibers to the area to allow for a more gradual transition from the surrounding gras to the bushes and trees.

Materials and tools, including the grassinator

Dirt, flock, and grass applies to the top of Steinle. The glue is still wet, so the very dark areas will lighten up a bit over night.

The cut leading to Steinlehofbruecke. I tried to go for a very non-orderly look by mixing various short and long gras fibers.

Close-up of the top of Steinle

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