Monday, May 05, 2014

Introducing the Greenly Northern

Railroaders have a tendency to name everything. This is not only pretty and neat, but simplifies life dramatically. It's much easier to refer to a given siding or station by name, rather than saying "that siding on the east side at milepost 10.4".

So far I have referred to the office layout as "the office layout". As of today, that is the "Greenly Northern" which runs from it's terminus at Greenly on my modified Timesaver module, to it's current endpoint at Wall Junction. You guessed it, Wall Jct is where the tracks meet the cubicle wall.

 Why Greenly? The grass is green on the Timesaver. That's why.

The Greenly Northern uses lots of second-hand and leased rolling stock. Thus, it's not unusual to see a wild mix of cars and locomotives with different road names.

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