Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trees for Steinle

Tonight I planted trees on the hill top of Steinle.

Turns out if I'd plant as many trees, as I was planning to put there, the tree group doesn't look right. Too much green in the center.  Also the shape of several Supertrees was more flat than cylindrical, which looks a bit weird.

Instead, I intentionally left gaps and arranged the trees in groups of three. This creates a more pleasing effect.

This is the look I was after. A remote farm in the middle of the Black Forest.

The trees on top of Steinle were planned to help creating a scenic divider between the town of Emsingen outside of the photo to the left and the "middle of the forest" area around Steinlehof. I also had this idea in the back of my mind that the trees would dwarf the building. That seems to work, too.
The grass is quite a bit more like neon-green in this photo than in reality.

The trees on Steinle as viewed from the Emsingen operator pit.
I will find out if it was a good idea to do the trees first and then plant bushy ground cover afterwards. 

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