Saturday, September 20, 2014

Emsingen Lokstation Coaling Bunker

I'm building the coaling bunker for the Lokstation. The tracks around it are curved, and there isn't a whole lot of space, so it was clear from the beginning that the base plate from the kit won't be used. I need to build a new base that fits my track arrangement, and kit-bash the parts from the kit to fit. Also, the area I have available is larger than the bunker from the kit, so I have to come up with additional wall pieces as needed.

Emsingen Lokstation. Coaling facility seen from the north-east...
... and from the south-east.
I decided to raise the crane a bit higher and build a small concrete pedestal similar to the one in the kit, but smaller. This was completed reasonably quickly from a couple balsa sticks. I carefully marked clearances from the adjacent tracks, arranged and placed the concrete walls from the kit, and spray painted the walls.

There will be some narrow gauge tracks inside the bunker for the coal carts. I'll probably use modified code 55 N scale track for that. While looking at the layout of the bunker I realized that the stairs I carefully arranged to the crane base take up quite a bit of space, and the prototype would have likely constructed them in a more space saving manner, that also keeps the stairs clear of lifted coal carts.

At least this will solve the problem of the floating stairs neatly...

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