Saturday, September 13, 2014

Storage Expansion

Imagine ...

You return from a business trip and find this blocking the entrance to your layout room:

The play kitchen I built for our first child years ago from an IKEA IVAR shelving unit has outlived its usefulness and was banned from youngest child's bed room while I was away.

Time to convert it into layout room storage...


Pascal helps with wood-working.
IVAR fitted and installed.
3 1/2 hours later. We're done.
The IVAR unit has just the right depth to fit under the Talheim industrial area. There is a diagonal support brace along the wall right behind the paper towel roll, and an electrical box next to the legs in the rear. We ended up shortening the legs along the wall, raise the shelf a couple inches to get maximum usable space and screw it into the wall. We also added risers and a new cross-brace to the front legs to better support the weight of the shelves.

I need to build a space saving car card box for Talheim, since the MicroMark box I used before was just too bulky and got in the way.

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