Thursday, July 27, 2017

BNSF Coal empty at Carkeep Park, Seattle

Seattle's Carkeep Park is a great place for train watching. There's ample parking, convenient access to the tracks, a beach, tide pools, and a creek for the kids... and of course, the double track BNSF main line to Vancouver, BC.

The beach is a good vantage point to watch the tracks for a couple miles in both directions, which leaves plenty of time to get into position for taking photos.

The Cascades trains to/from Vancouver, BC come through here, as do the Sounder commuter trains.

During the half hour we hung out here, I caught a BNSF coal empty with more than 80 cars.

I now have a couple dozen pictures how to weather these cars. Each car is 53 ft in length and can carry 121 tons of coal. At more than 80 cars that works out to over 1300m, roughly twice the allowable length of freight trains in Germany ...

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