Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mystic Mountain Railroad

I had the pleasure of operating at Ray Turner's Mystic Mountain Railroad today. A delightful experience. Most garden railroads are not set up for operations. Ray has added enough sidings and spurs to make operations possible and interesting.

Industries and scenery range from open space over trestles and canyons all the way to a small harbor.

Ray used cast concrete panels to make rocks and cliffs for the railroad.

Nicely set scenes and plenty of humor can be found everywhere.

... and you can't argue with the view.

On the Mountain Division track climbs to shoulder height.

Between train assignments, I took a video of one of the other crews as they were switching the team track in Outaluck.


simmonmt said...

What sorts of locomotives does he run? Can you buy battery-operated locomotives, or did he have to build/retrofit his own?

Bernhard Beck said...

The locomotives are regular G-scale models that Ray retrofitted with remote control, Li-Ion batteries, and sound.