Monday, July 03, 2017

Emsingen railroad crossing (part 3)

The crossing gates are from Auhagen's kit "Schrankenanlage" (11 345) I picked up a while ago at Zinthaefner. I was browsing the offerings on the shelves and figured I could spend the 15 Euros for a crossing gate kit, instead of scratch-building everything.

Photo of the assembled kit from the box
I knew this is a very basic kit, and I ended up using only the crossing gates and the gate supports. The shed is quite nice, and I'm sure I'l find a place for it later. While the crossing gate beams are pre-painted, they had some light flash and the form separation lines were very visible. I sanded that down, but that of course mucked up the red-white stripes.
The stripes were about 9 mm long, and my regular masking tape is 10 mm, so I ended up painting the crossing beam white, and masked off for new red stripes. Twice ... I first masked the areas I wanted to paint red ...

The airbrush made painting the crossing gate quick and easy.

Another test-fit and figuring out how big the foundation needs to be on the aisle side.

Fitting the foundation on the city side. If you look closely you see where I messed up painting earlier this week.

A typical feature of older German crossing gates is that the length of the beam section with the counter-weights is longer than the height of the supports. A bathtub-like arrangement is installed to provide the required depth, and prevent accidental injuries. I built this from 0.10"x0.188" styrene strip.

And here it's very visible where I messed up:
The crossing gate needs to be installed exactly on top of the gap between the removable city segment and the permanent part of the layout. Because I painted the stop line too close to the segment boundary, I can't move the gate further left. To allow for sufficient clearance for passing trains, I can't move the gate further right.
To fix this, I cut a larger base for the gate, and will glue it to the city segment, so that when I do need to lift it out the segment, the gate moves with it.

The crossing gates look a bit naked. I need to fix that.

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