Saturday, July 22, 2017

Eurowest 2017

Shortly before 10am I arrived at Hiller Aviation Museum to meet with David and the Swiss Narrow Gauge folks. We finished setup and shortly after trains were running.

RhB 621 is ready to leave staging. Paul and David are in active discussion.
This time the setup was along the window front of the entrance hall with bright sun light. Probably one of the best places to take day light photos of the setup.

RhB 642 on the stone arches bridge under the Wright flyer
The setup is point to point. Locomotives need to run around their trains in the staging yard at each end. Occasionally it happens that one end of the layout gets overloaded.

Whoops. Ken's staging yard is full
The Chamby station module once again drew lots of excitement from visitors.

As in previous years I walked the dealer tables with new and second hand stuff. Contrary to most other years, I didn't really see much that jumped out at me, so my bag remained quite light when I left in the afternoon.
The Rungenwagen is SNCB which I only noticed at home, but that's fine for $10. The model is really nice and DB had very similar cars, so it fits right in.

I spent most of my time running trains on the narrow gauge modules, chatted with various people, met more ETE members, and really enjoyed myself. This continues to be a fun event.

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