Thursday, December 21, 2017

DV 605 Hauptzettel examples

Hauptzettel for regular freight loads
Hauptzettel are found in a frame on the outside of freight cars behind a wire mesh (see this post for examples). So far I've used examples for these forms found on the Internet. I didn't know what exact time frame they were from, but adjusted for my needs to guide making car cards and way bills that resemble the prototype forms.
Now that I have the appendix for DV 605 from 1970, the next time I revise way bills I can try to replicate the look of these forms as much as feasible to fit the time frame of my layout.

Of course, I just finished making car cards and way bills for most cars on my layout. I'm not going to throw away that work, but rather try out the system for a while and then make adjustments as needed.

Hauptzettel for preferred freight loads

Hauptzettel for express freight. There are lots of variations of this form...

Preferred freight where the whole car goes to the same destination freight terminal

Preferred freight as before, but the car takes a specified route / trains.
There's a similar form for cars where part of the freight is loaded/unloaded en-route.
As you can tell, the look gets increasingly complicated as transport patterns get more complicated. I'll try to keep this simple for now and iterate slowly. 

Next order of business is to finish clean up on the Welztalbahn and get operation sessions going again.

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