Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Limes: Watch towers in Murrhardt

The actual location of the Limes and the forts is barely visible today. In our area it consisted primarily of an earthen wall with palisades and a moat that didn't survive the course of time. To help with that markers were erected more recently where roads cross the line where the Limes used to be.

Aside from the forts, the other defining feature are the watch towers ("Wachturm" or "Wachposten"), that are located right behind the palisades wall. This foundation of such tower is right next to the road from Welzheim to Murrhardt at Spatzenhof. It was discovered in 1814, and fully excavated and preserved in 1977. 

In Murrhardt we hiked to the partially reconstructed tower at Heidenbuehl.

The view from further up Linderst is very nice, and I'm sure the Romans appreciated it as well. However, in their time the forest was full of wild game, and hostile Germans, so you had to be careful.

The last tower foundation we visited was near Lindersthuette, off to the side between trees.

Doesn't look like much. Once again, the explanations on the panel provide context.

We headed back to the car on a less step and less muddy route through the forest.


Dale said...

Was not aware of this, so you have raised my education by a notch!

Bernhard Beck said...

You're welcome :-)