Monday, June 18, 2018

Costa Rica Trains

Old tracks in Orotina
Costa Rica used to have a coast-to-coast railroad system connecting in San Jose. It was built cape narrow gauge (1067mm) and was used primarily for freight to make agricultural exports, such as bananas, easier as well as provide supplies to the central valley around San Jose. Construction of the first railway lines in Costa Rica started in 1871 between Alajuela near San Jose and Limon on the Caribbean coast. It took 20 years to complete the project. The line from Punta Arenas on the Pacific coast and San Jose was completed 1910. By the 1990's the system was in bad shape and all service was discontinued. Today there's only limited commute service in the San Jose area.

Passenger cars and a locomotive in Caldera
Many tracks are still in place and artifacts can be found along the right of way.

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