Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Mystic Mountain Railroad at Night

I'm back at Ray's Mystic Mountain Railroad for an evening ops session. It was a beautifully warm evening with no wind. Ray usually runs two person crews, but we were one person short, so I drew the solo runs.

I started with a switching assignment, the Costa Local from North End Yard to Costa. Costa is a new addition to the railroad: a switching puzzle in G scale. Planning the moves and using the available track space efficiently is definitely required. I'm looking forward to when this section has full scenery, too.

Shortly after sunset my second assignment was a local freight out of South Providence Yard to Outaluck and back via Red River.  I assembled my train at the yard as it was getting dark.

All required cars collected from the storage tracks, now I just need to put the train in order, get a caboose and off we go.

By the time we're coming through Red River darkness sets in, and the locomotive headlight is very useful to see where I'm going.

In Red River the track gang is hard at work for the night shift.

Back at Providence Yard, the end of the session is near. I'm taking my locomotive to the engine facility.

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