Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Dave Parks' Cumberland West - Evitts Creek Yard

My assignment for tonight's B&O ops session is Evitts Creeks Yard. This is a neat little yard with 7 classification tracks and surrounding infrastructure. A significant part of the work here is classifying incoming cuts of cars. The car routing system on the layout makes this really simple. Each outgoing train (direction) has an associated track and a respective car card box. The car cards are clearly labeled with routing information and mostly color-coded, too.

Here you can see the car cards for the cars in the background. I arranged the cards in the same sequence as the cars, so as I sort the cars into their respective classification track, the car card goes into the respective track box at the bottom of the fascia. Just like in real life, yard tracks fill up at times and require a strategy to deal with the overflow cars.

The Evitts Creek Yard does have the disadvantage that it is located away from the aisle behind the Western Maryland's Knobmount yard in the foreground, so the B&O yard master needs long arms to reach all the yard tracks for uncoupling and handling derailments.

The yard is a nice position for rail fanning the really long trains on the B&O, too.

Hold your noses, here comes the livestock train...

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