Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Dave Parks' Cumberland West - Williams Street

STKX is accelerating eastbound out of Cumberland on the X-Main while the Williams Street switcher is waiting for its next assignment
For tonight's ops session on the B&O I'm back at Williams Street Yard, which can be a very messy assignment if the Yardmaster is not careful with staging equipment for trains to be switched in Cumberland station. Now that I have some experience running this yard, I knew what to do, and even had some spare time towards the end of the session to take photos.

View over the river track with Williams St on the left across the main line. Bolt & Forge has received some scrap gondolas on track that still needs to be built.
Dave has several nice scenes in Cumberland, including these guys preparing for a furniture delivery.


Hakk said...

Looks to me like the STKX is accelerating out of Cumberland Station on the X-Main and is about to cross over to the East Main at Virginia Avenue.

Bernhard Beck said...


You are, of course, correct. I have corrected the image caption.