Sunday, September 22, 2019

Untergroeningen: Connecting to the Welztalbahn (6)

This weekend I ran most active locomotives on the Welztalbahn over the complete Untergroeningen module with some freight cars and switched at least a few cars on each run in some sensible pattern to exercise tracks and turnouts.

I placed the Raiffeisen warehouse on the spur in Untergroeningen to get a sense of scale for this arrangement. I think I can make the storage tower an inch taller. This spur and business are a freelanced addition to Untergroeningen to allow for more diverse traffic on this branch line.

While I was testing, in many cases I found some bugs and as a side-effect also identified additional rolling stock that is finicky on the converted Peco turnouts, like DB 216 428, an older Maerklin model of a Glmmhs 57 box car, which turns out to be a good test case for how far to file the turnout guard rails.

The to-do list for the next couple weeks:

  • Tune remaining Peco turnouts
  • Build shadow box for each Untergroeningen segment and install LED lighting
  • Add power to turnouts

That should wrap up the basics of Phase 1 of the Welztalbahn-Extension.

The next step will be temporary staging tracks behind Untergroeningen, and build up a new schedule and paperwork that integrates the extension and the upcoming Gaildorf/West module with the existing Welztalbahn. I'm aiming to have the basics of that worked out over the next couple months and start operating in a group regularly.

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