Sunday, September 01, 2019

Untergroeningen: Connecting to the Welztalbahn

While the Untergroeningen module is designed for the future Murrbahn project, I have made plans to use it in phase 1 of the Welztalbahn layout extension project as a through station, just like the prototype station was originally designed.

The first step is to go through the wall to the layout room to connect with the new turnout I installed in April.

I used some flextrack to check alignment and get an idea about clearances. Just as planned, the track barely misses the storage cabinet on the right.

Here's the view from inside the layout room.

I used cardboard to create a template for cutting the track base board. I paid extra attention to align the edge that needs to be perfectly square and straight with the pre-cut edge of the plywood board and cut the rest with a jig saw.

I fiddled for quite a while with the base board to get a good fit both inside the wall and with the Untergroeningen module.

It took a few attempts to get things to line up, while avoiding a tight radius curve. Once I was happy I marked the curve and glued down some Homabed.

So far, so good. Next up is final leveling of the module, aligned with the Welztalbahn, and installation of the connecting track, followed by wiring Untergroeningen to the Welztalbahn.

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