Saturday, August 12, 2017


Lunch with a view. Next stop: Paris, CDG.

Flight AF83 was delayed by almost 2 hours because of malfunction in the baggage handling system at SFO. I already noticed during check-in that baggage was piling up behind the check-in counters. Even after all passengers had boarded, ground crew was still loading bags that trickled out from the terminal building. 

Arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport
We did make it do Charles De Gaulle airport eventually. An Air France employee collected all Zurich-bound passemgers at the arrival gate and guided us to terminal 2F. I expected that he would be able to speed up security or immigration for this group, which is why I stuck with the group. However, chatting with him while we traveled from the outer gates of terminal 2E to terminal 2F, it turned out that he has no such power. He was merely our guide through the maze at CDG. As we made our way through security and immigration, the departure gate was closed. Bummer.

Could I have made it, if I had gone ahead instead of sticking with the group? We touched down at 12:09, and arrived at the gate at 12:20 due to ground delays at CDG. My connecting flight was leaving at 12:55. Air France closes the gate 20 minutes before departure, so I'd have to be there at 12:35.  ... In 15 minutes from 2E to 2F and clear security and immigration is not feasible. Kudos to Air France for sending an employee to the gate nevertheless. I managed to get one of the last seats on the next flight to Zurich, so now I just have to kill 3 hours at the airport ...

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