Sunday, December 01, 2019

Building the extension connector (3)

Back in April I installed this turnout in the south approach to Emsingen to connect the Welztalbahn to the modular extension I'm building out in the garage. The turnout has been manually operated since because I did not have a bright idea how to install an underfloor turnout motor for it. The turnout is located almost 3 ft from the layout edge, with tracks leading to staging right below it. Unless I remove tunnel portals, the underside of the turnout is accessible from the aisle only through a 5x3" opening on the side of the tunnel to staging, and barely reachable from underneath the layout.

This weekend I attacked the problem. When drilling the hole for the throwbar rod, I accidentally hit a couple feeder wires that still need to be repaired. I made a remote actuator from piano wire that runs through brass tubes installed in wood blocks.

The following photo shows  the path the actuator wire will take underneath the tracks from the edge of the second level to the turnout.

I glued the wood blocks to the plywood supporting the tracks with wood glue.

I decided to move the actuator wire with a micro servo, both because I have a few spares, and I have a Tam Valley QuadLN servo decode installed nearby that had an unused servo socket. Here's the installed servo in a somewhat accessible location.

I still need to repair the feeder wires, as well as re-route a few more wires to not interfere with the turnout rod. I also need to add another route to the Emsingen control panel soon.

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