Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Let's try Everett Paine Field for a change for this trip to the Seattle area. Due to overcast skies there was some really weird light over Seattle during the approach to Paine Field.

Mukilteo from above with the ferry to Whidbey Island, the BNSF mainline to Vancouver, the Sounder station next to the under construction new ferry terminal, some airplane parts freight cars on the siding at the station, and the curve to the steep incline leading up to the Boeing factory at Paine Field. For safety, the tracks to Boeing require locomotives specially equipped for operating on steep grades. As far as I remember, at least an additional independent brake system.

Arrival at gate 2, one of the two gates at Everett airport.

What a cute and comfortable airport terminal.

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Elvis said...

Das kleine Wohnzimmer von Boeing auf dem Flughafen.