Thursday, December 26, 2019

Slim Staging: Turnout control

I'm using Micro RC-Servos for turnout control in Slim Staging.  The hook reaches into the Maerklin throwbar from underneath the layout. This technique does not require any modifications to the turnout. The servo is screwed to a wooden base which I will glue under the module. This allows me to replace the servo if needed, hopefully without much realignment work. I'm considering using the same approach for Gaildorf/West, hence this is my experimental setup before I splurge on the electronics for the much larger station.

A little while later I had fabricated the needed turnout throws. The zig-zag is important for small adjustments of length and to protect the turnout throw if the servo ever loses its programming.

I connected the power module and test drove a servo with the Tam Valley Depot QuadLN_S decoder. The Remote Aligner is really neat, even though it's overkill for this use case.

I'm thinking about building a small control panel for the yard including route control through the turnout ladder and turnout position indicators, if I can manage. However, for now I'll start with simple toggle switches to get the yard into a functional state.

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