Saturday, December 21, 2019

Kurve: Connecting Slim Staging and Untergroeningen

For Phase 1 of the Welztalbahn extension, the plan includes a fairly large module that spans the work table in the garage and connects Untergroeningen to the Staging Yard module along the garage door. In Phase 2, after Gaildorf/West station exists, the module would be moved and rebuilt to connect Gaildorf/West to the Staging Yard.

I'm calling this large module "Kurve" (curve). I had cut the plywood for the module in October when I started building Slim Staging and built most of the box yesterday. Unfortunately, the sides had warped and it took some effort to align them into their respective proper place.

The box needs legs, so I built pockets that allow clamping a leg at any height within a range of about 2 inches. I also added height adjustable feet to the legs, just in case.

As always, the idea is to make adjustments without tools as much as possible. I'm using bolts and wing nuts to hold everything in place. The leg pockets are a bit longer than the module sides to allow for more height adjustment range.

Putting it all together: Kurve set up and leveled.

Untergroeningen Segment 1 is attached between the stationary segments 2 and 3, and Kurve in the background.

While looking at what I had, I had an idea that would divert from the original plan a bit: Add a turnout and build the tracks needed for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 now. The respective unused track is another industry to be serviced from one of the surrounding stations.

Now I just need to figure out whether the track and module geometry will actually work for either arrangement. While looking at the plan more closely, I realized that I had accidentally built Kurve wider than planned, since the plywood on the top actually had not been cut to the intended size yet. Whoops. Thankfully it's only 4 inches too wide and should still fit for Phase 2.

Here's an illustration how the connection from Kurve to Slim Staging will line up with the garage infrastructure in Phase 1. All of this is modular and will be set up only when I'm planning to run an operations session.

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