Saturday, February 01, 2020

Kurve: Rock Outcroppings

I'm planning to add grass, creepers, bushes, etc to form a rather overgrown thicket on the slopes of the cut. In a couple locations rock could peek through the bush cover, so I slapped some Mold-a-Scene plaster into the scene a couple weeks ago, and worked on the scene on and off in the evenings after work.

Hmmm, yeah, looks like someone slapped some Mold-a-Scene plaster on the slopes of the cut. Maybe this will look better once fully dried and painted.

I'm not quite convinced yet ...

The paint is too dark, and gets darker when enhancing the crevices. I like the effect, but the color balance is way off from what I have in mind, and the crevice effect disappears when the tint dries. The rocks are also not sharp-edged enough. I'll try to enhance the edges, and start over with a much lighter color. Most of this will be hidden under bushes and other greenery when the scene is complete.

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