Monday, February 17, 2020

Kurve: Storage Case

Now that scenery work has started on Kurve, I need a way to protect my work from dust and accidental damage. It's time to build a storage case.

The first step was to separate the little extension piece from the main module, cut rails and scenery, and put it aside. This makes it much easier to build the box for the rectangular main module. I cut 12" wide strips from the Lauan plywood sheet I used a few weeks ago to make the module sides. I also cut square strips from a 1/2" sheet of plywood to stabilize the edges.

I started with the end sheets, and then fitted the sheets on the long edge of the module. I used wood glue and staples to attach the Lauan sheets to the edge strips.

I'm one 1x2 ft sheet short to close the top, so I left it open for now. It turns out the two sheets already in place make nice handles to put the cover over the module, but I need better support for the edges.

This build took a surprising amount of time, so I didn't get much else done today.

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