Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Untergroeningen: Locomotive Shed (7)

[ part 6 ]

With the mainline track in place, I can finally figure out exact placement of the locomotive shed on the module. This also sets the parameters for how much of the loco shop I will be able to build. (Spoiler: Not a lot.)

I tested clearance with the longest car I have, the middle car of a BR 614 DMU. My rendition of the locomotive shed came out a little bit too tall overall. I might have been better off scratchbuilding the building altogether. Oh well, it should still be a fine building once completed.

Because of the non-prototypical curve to the Welztalbahn connector, I had to angle the locomotive shed away from tracks a little bit, which in turn requires a slight S-curve in the track leading to the shed, which -- to my utter surprise -- is also present in the prototype track arrangement. Cool!

[ part 8 ]

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