Sunday, July 05, 2020

Untergroeningen: Trackwork (4)

[ part 3 ]

In the early 1970's Untergröningen station was more or less covered in ballast and small gravel, which is the look that I'm trying to replicate here. After laying the track, I was quite concerned that I'd have trouble representing the prototype.

However, after I started to sprinkle Arizona Rock & Minerals ballast #1332 around the tracks the concern turned into excitement. The tracks are slightly raised above the base with just a little bit of shoulder. The real rock provides some color variation which helps the overall scene.

This afternoon I finished ballasting the segment and applied Matte Medium to glue everything down. Unfortunately, the alcohol and Matte Medium washed some of the rock dust off the ties and rails. I might come back later with weathering powders to compensate.

For now I need to wait again and ... don't touch until the glue is dry!
[ part 5 ]

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