Sunday, April 19, 2015

Inside the Grabkapelle Rotenberg

Over the entrance door of the Grabkapelle the inscription reads "Love never ends".
Kind of ironic given that Queen Katharina apparently got sick running out into the park in the middle of winter because she was so distraught over catching the king with another woman...

The entrance level of the mausoleum is a fairly bland affair as far as churches go. However, it has a very nice cassette ceiling in the cupola crowned by a sky light.

The crypt level is accessible via a steep stairwell. The acoustics in this room are fascinating. The closer you get to the center of the room, the more an echo effect builds up. When talking at the center of the circle, it sounds like your voice is swirling around your head whispering and echoing your own words.

Queen Katharina died fairly young in 1819 and is buried in this sarcophagus. When King Wilhelm I. died 45 years later he was placed next to her.

The hole in the crypt ceiling in the floor at entrance level ...
... and from below.
At the highest point of the crypt ceiling is an opening to let in light from the entrance level. Looking up, the flower petals of the cover are back-lit by daylight.

Wilhelm II, last King of Wuerttemberg
There are a few busts of the kings of Wuerttemberg in the crypt. This is King Wilhelm II., the last king of Wuerttemberg, who was deposed and went into exile in 1918. He lived in Bebenhausen for another 3 years, though his wife Charlotte survived him until 1946.

I find that I have much more interest in learning more in-depth about the history and makings of my home state years after I left the country. This was a nice opportunity to refresh some of that knowledge I learned a long time ago...

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