Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Save Water!

Finally, Gov. Brown announced mandatory reductions in water usage for California, and attempts to put some teeth on enforcement as well. Instead of silly measures (water only on demand in restaurants, hotels optionally washing bed linens less often), we now have an order demanding mandatory 25% less water use compared to 2013 across the board. Reduction of water thirsty landscaping. Various elements to manage water in the delta. Various elements to speed up government drought response.

Something like this was way overdue. The actions around agricultural users seem a bit on the weak end, water use for industrial applications is not mentioned, and I wonder if the order applies to e.g. Fracking which uses lots of water as well. The comparison year 2013 is a bit disappointing, since people just need to hit the same savings as last year and will get pretty close to meeting the order. However, given that this is mandatory and tied to financial incentives, as well as penalties, it has more teeth than the voluntary reductions from last year.

I'm delighted that large campuses, golf courses, etc.  that often have lush lawns around buildings need to reduce their water use just as well, and I hope to no longer have to see pointless and wasteful irrigation on company campuses or residential areas.

This is a big step in the right direction. What took you so long, Governour?

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