Friday, April 24, 2015

Office operations session

Tonight Balazs invited me to an operating session on his office layout. I wrote about an earlier version of this layout before.

The last train of the day has arrived in a staging siding on the window sill.
The siding is named after the software engineer whose desk is right next to it
By necessity this layout is purely operations oriented, uses sectional track on office furniture and window sills. It packs a lot of fun into a minimal amount of space. Balazs and Isabella added humorous touches by naming the various trains, stations and industries after work-related tools and processes. E.g. a train might come from staging ("The Internets" or "Offsite"), travel across the layout past the loop with a village on a glass shelf ("Glastown Loop"), have work to do at some industries named after product areas or source code revision tools we use daily, loop across the layout past the Godzilla figurine ("Godzilla Loop") and terminate at the central yard ("MTV").

Half a dozen operators were kept busy for several ours and we left the office well past midnight. It seemed like everyone had a good time.

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